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Keep your family safe and comfortable during a power outage with a clean, quiet, super long-lasting diesel-powered home generator.

The advantages of diesel generators:

  • Long Runtime Diesel powered engines can work hard 24/7 for extended periods - up to 3 weeks if necessary - and still outlast any other type of engine for a fraction of the operating costs.

  • Reliability There's a reason the farming, transportation and construction industries have been leveraging the benefits offered by diesel generators for years.

  • Home Friendly New stringent emission regulations have produced clean diesel engine options that fit perfectly for home power generation. These strong, reliable long-life diesel engines have become today's preferred choice for home backup power.

  • Clean and Safe Diesel fuel is a cleaner fuel that can be safely stored for long periods of time.

  • Quieter Running The higher the RPM, the louder the noise. Our diesel generators run in the 1800 RPM range unlike non-diesel products that run at 3600.

  • Low Maintenance You only need to change the oil and filter every 500 hours instead of every 100 hours for a non-diesel generator.

  • Cost Effective Diesel fuel is the least expensive to run with natural gas and propane costing much more.

  • Flexible Warranty Diesel powered generators seldom have any restrictions on use and can be used non-stop if needed. The warranty for natural gas, propane and gasoline powered generators usually only covers emergency standby use.

When it comes to producing clean, low-cost, dependable power, the most popular choice worldwide is diesel. Diesel-powered generators cost less to operate, last an incredibly long time and are virtually indestructible. New clean-diesel powered generators are quieter, cleaner, and far better suited for power generation over any other type. They can be used full or part-time.

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